November 30, 2022
PM SKin Tone LUTs_Light Skin-Download

Prince Meyson – Skin Tone LUTs For Light Skin (Photoshop)

Prince Meyson – Skin Tone LUTs For Light Skin Free Download


Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Prince Meyson skin tone LUT pack for Photoshop. These are LUTs I’ve created with the experience I’ve gathered as a photographer and retoucher over the past 7 years. These presets are made to work with Light skin tones.

These amazing but not over the top presets will give you just the right amount of color grading you need for your skin tones.

Have fun playing with these presets!


These LUTs work best when images are shot between 5000 and 6000 Kelvin. These LUTs have been tested extensively on beauty images shot in the studio with the right exposure.

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that all of my images will include different lighting and tones to yours, so these LUTs will look different from image to image.

What’s included:
10 signature Skintone Luts by Prince Meyson for Photoshop only

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