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Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC] (5)
Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC] 
Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]


  • Process Panel
    Fully customize the Inklab experience by adjusting the size, shape and processing mode.
  • Channels Panel
    Take complete control over Ink colors, screen angles, visibility and offsets.
  • Texture Panel
    Choose from a selection of different paper textures to bring your project to life.
  • Spot Tools
    Generate an additional spot color output from the selected layer with the click of a button.
  • Effects Panel
    Hundreds of possible effect combinations make creating variation a breeze.
  • Advanced Panel
    Resample/update output size. Limited by license.


Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
  • Process
    Get your hands dirty with four customizable processing modes.

    • Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      All Versions
      One click quick halftone. Basic mode is the fast-track to halftone enlightenment with none of the headache.
    • Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      All Versions
      Nothing matches the stunning, high-quality halftone output or gives you as absolute fine control over the creative process like advanced mode.
    • Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      Inklab XL v1.0.3 [WIN & MAC]
      Standard + XL
      All of the magic with none of the certainty. If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill, look elsewhere.
    • Standard + XL
      All Versions
      Separations mode splits your image into channels without conversion while still giving you full control over channels and effects.
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