December 1, 2022

Adobe After Effect


Referring to the most used professional animation application in today’s animation video services , we certainly cannot ignore the name After Effect. However, not everyone knows about the functions of this great application. So what is After Effects? Why is it so loved by so many people? Let’s learn about After Effect with Eventus Production through the article below!

What is After Effects?


What is After Effects?

After Effect (also known as AE ) is an animation software that helps to process video effects and make digital motion. Developed by Adobe Systems , After Effects is known as a leading proprietary software, unmatched by its amazing features.

Adobe After Effects  is a digital  visual effects ,  motion graphics , and  compositing  application  developed by  Adobe Systems  and used in the  post-production  process of  film making ,  video games  and  television production . Among other things, After Effects can be used for  keying ,  tracking ,  compositing , and  animation . It also functions as a very basic  non-linear editor , audio editor, and media  transcoder . In 2019, the program won an  Academy Award for scientific and technical achievements.



What is After Effects?

If you have ever admired the spectacular and spectacular effects of blockbuster movies? Or do you love vivid, realistic movies with shimmering, fanciful effects? All are perfect products of After Effect – this professional graphics software.

Some outstanding features of After Effects

Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features that make After Effects one of the most popular animation applications today.

Create excellent effects and motion graphics

With AE, you will be completely amazed with its ability to create fast and smooth visual effects. In addition, the ability to process 3D images through extremely powerful tracking tools, allowing control of depth, shadow, and reflections of subjects in videos. AE can also create standard contours for photos and videos, ray tracing, 3D technology for text and shapes, giving you amazing motion graphics.

What is After Effects?


Compatible with many software

After Effect can be compatible with many Adobe software such as Premiere Pro , Photoshop , Flash or Encore . In particular, it also integrates with Adobe Illustrator to help users easily handle all movements of objects.

Today, Adobe After Effects is the first choice in the fields of graphic design and effects, helping users create the best quality products. With AE, you can easily make promotional clips, vivid movie scenes with top-notch, eye-catching effects like never before, which other software can’t do.

What is After Effects?

Application of After Effects in practice

After understanding what After Effect is , you need to know its application in real life. After Effects doesn’t just stop at shooting and editing videos, it can do more than you think.

Applications in Marketing, communication

Video marketing always creates a brand for businesses and if successful, it will help businesses bring in huge revenue. To create an eye-catching, attractive marketing video that spreads to the community, AE is the best solution. This is a great tool to help you freely create short videos like Intro , outro to promote your business or company.

Applications in shooting, video editing

If you are passionate about shooting, editing videos or you love the work of youtubers and streamers, do not ignore this professional editing software. AE allows users to create more beautiful effects and colors for photos and videos themselves, making the movements in videos softer and more impressive than ever. You can use AE to process your photos and videos as professionally as the photographers in the studio.

What is After Effects?

Animation application

In addition to the two applications above, After Effect is also used to make animated movies and video animations . This is also the software commonly used in most animation services today. After using tools like Photoshop , AI to create and design the characters and backgrounds of the animation to your liking, you just need to transfer them to AE to complete the motion creation step.

What is After Effects?

Is it difficult to use After Effects?

After Effect is a hot software with great tools and features. That’s why it’s not an easy-to-use software. If you want to conquer and master AE, you need to spend money because AE is paid software, take time, effort and patience to learn and learn everything about it. Because only when using this software proficiently, you can easily exploit its great features. In addition, you can learn AE through detailed video tutorials on youtube or join an AE course to be able to grasp knowledge in the most complete and methodical way.

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Through the above article, hope you have a clear understanding of what After Effect is and its features and applications in life. Wish you success soon and have great experiences when using AE!

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